Satanism in American Suburbs

Quick disclaimer and spiritual wisdom:

  • The child in the image has nothing to do with satanism, she is a model.
  • I aged tested the image with my own children, they did not think it was creepy.
  • Occult symbolism is very dangerous imagery and as such, I do not encourage persons to carelessly try to recreate images like this without guidance from God, the creator of heaven and earth.
  • These types of demonstrations require a special calling from God and are not suitable for every minister of the gospel.
  • I have prayed and asked God to neutralize every attack of satan connected to this symbol in the name of his holy son Jesus Christ
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That being said! Greetings readers, it is a beautiful day here on planet earth despite the weather in some parts of the world and our continued rebellion against God, God is still merciful. In my previous blog, I spoke about a vision God gave me about Australia’s rebellion. Soon after this, God gave me another vision, this time about America’s rebellion. I saw a little girl in an American suburb community sitting in a white chair in her yard and the satanist symbol was visible behind her. What could this mean? Let us discuss.

On the surface the American suburban community is seen as blessed and in good standing because of their financial influence, but hidden in plain sight are wealthy American families that are participating in rebellious activities, these activities are labeled in scripture as abominations(Deuteronomy 27:15). These families often go unnoticed because they look and act just like everyone else, especially in this world where compromise is the order of the day. In my opinion, the full moon is probably the best time you might catch them off guard as they attend ritual gatherings, but you might see things you never knew existed. With that said, it is really hard to tell the occult and the general population apart without the gift of discernment from God. For this reason, the church needs to be more effective at preaching the gospel of Jesus rather than groveling at the feet of the suburban households for money. Many attend churches for different reasons, some to destroy the church through different methods one of which is gaining the trust of leadership with financial gifts, and in return are made leaders themselves in the church. Other methods to destroy the church involve having intimate relations with key members of the church. Despite these heinous acts, some however are genuinely trying to see if this Jesus is the truth and are quickly resolved when many in the church behave similarly to them. In all of this however, it is the child in the vision I am concerned about.

America in the past sent missionaries to the globe to minister the gospel of Jesus, today while this is still happening, the zeal that America had for the gospel of Jesus Christ to be preached across the world has fallen dramatically. More importantly, the ministering of the gospel of Jesus Christ is focused on those that can fund the mission rather than the family as a whole. To this effect, Christian TV networks target mainly adults with seemly fresh content every week. Christian content for children, on the other hand, seems like an afterthought with outdated programs from the ’80s, ’90s, and early 2000s on regular rotation, additionally and in many cases no content for children is available at all. At least from my perspective here in the Caribbean where our Christian TV networks are mostly a mix of local and American-based content. My point is that children are being neglected heavily by the Christian community. Of course, this is not something new and in Matthew 19:13-15 the scripture reads;

13 Then were there brought unto him little children, that he should put his hands on them, and pray: and the disciples rebuked them.
14 But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.
15 And he laid his hands on them, and departed thence.

Matthew 19:13-15

Even the disciples of Jesus were ignorant of the fact that children are a part of the kingdom of God. The American churches have neglected the children and in doing so have not effectively put up a challenge against the powers of darkness over the American household. As such all manner of occult teachings has taken root in the hearts of these little ones, delivered indirectly through media and events and directly by their parent’s rebellion. Case in point, pastors are ignorantly sending their children out to halloween related events, what might their children be learning by this act?

These little ones are very important to Jesus and should be qualified as important with everyone else when ministering the gospel of Jesus Christ. A life transformed at 5, 6, 7, and older will contribute to one less child being involved in reckless and ungodly behavior and one less person going to hell when they die. If the American household is going to be rescued it will begin with the church being repentant and recognizing that God is after the entire household and not just funds for missions.

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