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Greetings readers it is a beautiful day in Jamaica or as some may call it Jamrock. Regardless of Jamaica’s natural beauty, a lot of sinister and purposefully executed plans are well into play to destabilize the economy. Currently, food prices have skyrocketed, fuel for motor vehicles is on a steady rise and I remember the holy spirit highlighting food shortages as an issue. The situation is an intentional attempt by wicked individuals both locally and abroad to enslave this generation. It is very frustrating for many but please read to the end as the Lord has shown me one of his plans.

Secret Military Base and Weapons

I want to take this opportunity to just compile a few of the things that God has shown me about Jamaica in the past and recently. So let’s talk about the image I used for this blog. I had a vision from God and I was shown a shed in a field that had a vent pipe on the inside. This is indicative of some form of a secret base that is in Jamaica. To my knowledge, this would be a fairly difficult feat for the Jamaican government, based on manpower that is required it would make it very difficult to keep a secret of this magnitude, I could be wrong. My best guess is that this would be a foreign entity that would have had some type of tunneling or mining machinery with the ability to smuggle additional infrastructure under the guise of general mining equipment. At this point, I am just speculating until God gives me more information about the vision. Similar to this, a few years back I had a dream where there was a warehouse that was guarded by Asian individuals, I knew weapons were in that warehouse but God did not permit me to see specifically what was on the inside, these could be anything from high powered rifles to maybe something more long-range. Again these are just speculation I have not really prayed bout the matter so I can not say definitively this is what that dream meant. The weirdest thing about the dream of the weapons warehouse was that it was located in close vicinity to a University in Kingston Jamaica. Recently a lot of “illegal” guns have been recovered by the local police, with attention now being placed on the gun licensing authority. I suspect the push to remove the guns from citizens whether legal or illegal is to ensure a smooth transition of powers if Jamaica is invaded.

Royal the Whore

At a time when I was in Kingston attending to some matter, I once heard spiritually(meaning God permitted me to hear something that was being discussed in secret or has not happened yet) bodyguards of a very prominent individual in government were arguing about a whore named Royal. At first, I thought Royal was a female but that didn’t make sense because bodyguards do regular pickups of that nature, no problem! unless the whore had died. To be honest I think Royale might be a male whore. While I may not know exactly who or what Royal is, if it was important for God to let me hear that conversation, it is quite possible Jamaica might find out soon enough.

End Times Dreams about Jamaica

During the US 2016 election period, I had a dream where the Jamaican people were being enslaved, wealthy Jamaicans had lost everything and I saw one hanging from suicide in his garage. People were being gathered by American soldiers, but these soldiers were different they were able to find people without the need of technology as if they had a symbiotic partnership with demons. They were very pleasant but would still capture and gather the Jamaican people. While people were being separated from their families an American Caucasian woman was in charge, I remember she had blond hair. The strangest thing bout that dream was the media had played a very important role to make the Jamaican people look like they were poverty-stricken. The Caucasian woman that was in charge was complaining about the clothes not looking poor enough, apparently, the event was being broadcast and a certain narrative of poverty was needed to ensure the globe was ok with what was happening. I think this more than any other dream I’ve had has been quite concerning, I did pray and petition with God to not let this happen. While this did not happen I am sure this is still a very real possibility that the Jamaican people must be aware of. Another dream I’ve had was about Jamaica being destroyed. There was something that fell from the sky, I don’t know if it was a space rock or a missile but when it impacted it took about 3 seconds to reach the place I was located.

What is God planning for Jamaica

All I can say is that God’s mercies continue to endure, even with the multitude of wickedness by the Jamaican populace concerning rebellious practices, God has seen fit to schedule 21 days of prayer in Jamaica and has even shown me the location. Before the prayers however, God will be removing an occult individual masquerading as a Christian leader at the head of a very prominent church in Kingston Jamaica. I believe that a lot of good things will come from this prayer so I am definitely looking forward to this event and not even Jamaica’s self-proclaimed false god will be able to stop this one. If God releases any further updates that I am permitted to disclose I will do my best to keep you posted.

That’s all for now and thanks for reading.

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