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Dark Clouds and Jamaica’s Coming Revival

Greetings readers, God is about to bring revival to the land of Jamaica and other parts of the world. But even now there are very dark clouds hovering over our island. Our secret occult practices have gone up into the atmosphere and are wreaking havoc on our island. Satanic rituals are now coming to light more than ever with our music openly celebrating occult practice, our children more than ever are being subjected to all kinds of abuse and the list goes on. The fruits of these dark clouds are very evident in the social media space to the point I have seen a video of a man being murdered on Facebook for beating a woman, but even worse were the comments jeering about his death. Will God visit this wicked land? Absolutely!

As I had said in an earlier post an occult church leader is about to be removed. What I did not mention was the details about this individual. The Lord showed me that this church leader travels to a city in America, a place I believe to be New York. In this city he attends a gathering of men (I don’t remember seeing a woman there) at a location I would describe as a temple that looks like a church, At the altar/podium there were golden sunrays made from what looked like metal works that started from a center point at the base of the podium and then stretched toward the ceiling like sunrays. At the end of the ceremony, the church leader left in secrecy with a whore. As much as I would have preferred the word prostitute, I believe the Holy Spirit wanted me to emphasize that there are women who will lay themselves carelessly for the cause of idolatry and not just money.

I believe it is important for God to expose the church in this way as it reveals how far from discerning we are, in comparison to what we believe discerning is. As modern Christians, we are like foolish virgins only carrying a title but never truly submitting in our hearts to God. I pray that the evidence of these things that I have written will come directly from the mouth of this individual. But why would someone of this nature confess such a thing? Only by the power of the Holy Spirit, even demons must answer what their business is Mark 5:9.

Thanks for reading and hopefully revival will be much sooner than later, and men will be able to say the restoration power of God is still very present in this dying world. Have a wonderful evening saints and remember to count your blessings.

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