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Is a Massive Flood Coming to America?

Greetings reader It has been a while, so many things have happened in the last few months, God is continually good and his love does endure(Psalm 100:5). I had a dream some time ago and the lord wants me to release the dream in this season. In this dream, I saw a massive flood, the flood was like something out of a movie. The height of the waves to my recollection was about the height of a high-rise building. In this dream, I saw 2 people from a sitcom that I enjoy, The Cosby Show. On a side note, The Cosby Show is not a Christian show to the best of my knowledge, but you can see the influence of Christianity, so while I can agree with many things that are portrayed on screen I can’t entirely agree with everything, that being said, it is overall a very entertaining show. Let’s continue unto the dream, in the aftermath of the flood, I saw the actress, Phylicia Rashad and she seemed to have suffered as a result of this flood and was gravely ill. Her friend Bill Cosby came to her aid and as soon as she recovered he died. It was at this point I saw a female Jamaican minister who happened to be at the lowest point in her life and was beginning to resort to her former life of smoking. That was the summary of the dream. At the time I got this dream Bill Cosby was in prison. Today he is not in prison and the reality is that the event that unfolded in the dream could happen exactly as I saw in my dream. What could this mean for America? Bill Cosby was very popularly known as America’s dad, so we could conclude that Americans have lost their relationship with their heavenly father. God already said he would not destroy all mankind with a flood(Genesis 9:11). However the sins of the world have not gone unnoticed, and like many parts of the world, many Americans have forsaken their heavenly father. The female minister, in my opinion, would represent the Jamaican churches and their delusions that have led them away from God’s purpose for them. What will God do to these churches? He will offer his mercies and grace to anyone who will accept it. But a time is coming when the offer will pass and there will be no bargaining with the God of heaven and earth and at this point, those who did not accept this offer will weep and gnash their teeth(Luke 13:28).

There will be weeping there, and gnashing of teeth, when you see Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and all the prophets in the kingdom of God, but you yourselves thrown out.

It’s one thing to make mistakes but to double down on these mistakes because of pride is a sentence of death to the soul. Repentance is what God is looking for, not justification. Whoever has ears, let them hear(Matthew 13:9).

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