About Us

Beyond the hype

New Judah is a Christian production house and is founded on the principle that Jesus should be glorified in every aspect of our lives and as such, we hope to produce content and host events that are genuinely pleasing to Jesus. We are a small production house located in Kingston Jamaica. While we do try to create top-quality productions, we are more focused with working with those that are genuine to the gospel of Jesus Christ rather than those that are popular.

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Rooted in the Caribbean

Beautiful music can be heard throughout the Caribbean and Jamaica especially continues to be a major contributor to the sounds of the Caribbean. New Judah is a Jamaican business  and as such we are privileged to have the influence of rhythms and techniques with origins in Jamaica that have been a fundamental part of shaping many genres’ of music and creative art forms. This puts us in a great position to create content that has an authentic Caribbean flavor.

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"Enjoy a good experience with us as we aim to facilitate new standards in Christian productions"

King Rasheid – Executive Producer

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