Stereo Mastering




If your song was already mixed and all you need is the polishing to prepare your song for release on either a streaming platform or CD, then this service is for you.


  • Stereo Track
  • Reference Matching
  • Analogue Emulation
  • Streaming Platform Optimization
  • CD Optimization
  • 2 Revisions

Steps to using our Service:

  1. Export your song as WAV orĀ AFF stems.
  2. Add you song files to Cloud storage (google drive, dropbox, onedrive etc…) in a folder by itself.
  3. Make your cloud storage accessible by sharing the folder then copy the shared folder link.
  4. Visit our Online Mix and Mastering Service and paste the link in the file location field.
  5. Place your order and pay.

If there are any problems, we will be sure to contact you via email.
Access to your completed song will only be made available for one week after the date of delivery