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We use “VST Connect Performer for real-time Production and Consultation, if you do not need to do real-time production/recording, then “Google Meet” is our preferred method for doing consultation only sessions.

Our Production and Consultation Session gives vocalist and musicians the freedom to connect and collaborate with us in Realtime online. The collaboration session requires a solid internet connection ; a minimum of 512 kBit/s upstream is required as well as a reasonable local connection. For instance, tethering via a smartphone is not likely to work, a solid Ethernet cable connected directly to your router or modem is highly recommended but a good wifi connection should be adequate. For optimum performance, please close all internet applications (e.g. your web browser).

Requirements and VST Connect Performer
Bandwidth: 512 kBit/s Internet speed
Hardware: Headphones & A quality Microphone
Software: VST Connect Performer Compatibility OS(See Chart Below)



July 1, 2021

macOS 10.14 · 10.15 · 11 · 12


July 1, 2021

Windows 10 64-Bit · Windows 11 64-Bit

VST Connect Performer 5.5.10 · 30.4 MB VST Connect Performer 5.5.10 · 34.6 MB
Version History (PDF)
A recording Session with VST Connect Performer 5.5 requires
VST Connect SE 4.0.40 / VST Connect Pro 4.0.40 or later
or VST Connect SE 5.0.20 / VST Connect Pro 5.0.20 or later (with Video Track)
on the other end of the connection.

How to use VST Connect Performer
Install and start the VST Connect Performer application. Do not start Cubase or other audio applications.

  • Type an arbitrary name in the Your Name field, and the Key number you get from our New Judah Engineer (via WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram etc…) in the Key field.
  • Click the Connect button. That’s it! You should then be connected to the Engineer, see his webcam picture and hear his voice.


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