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A message from God

Greetings readers! I just wanted to hop on here real quick to write what God said to me last night. On a quick note, this is not going to be a long message, God usually says things to me in very short sentences. With that said here is what God said word for word to the best of my recollection.

“Tell my people, I am coming soon”

It may sound cliche’ but this is exactly what God said to me last night. God’s soon and our soon can be two different timelines, if I was to give an estimate I think sometime between now and the next 20 years would be my best guestimation. However I could be very wrong on this estimate. If we miss Jesus’s next coming the only way to enter the kingdom of heaven will be as a martyr. On another quick note, God does not like the word rapture. More appropriate descriptions for the event are “the great Harvest” or “the banquet in the sky”. The word rapture places a focus on how the event might happen, the descriptions given in this article demonstrate why the event will happen. There will be a lot of deception after Jesus’s next coming, one of the deceptions will be that it was an “alien invasion”.

The clock is ticking, will you be ready when Jesus comes? God bless you all and have a wonderful rest of the evening.

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